Secretaires suceuses et vendeuses anales


As I grab the mail and wave to Alida , one of our neighbors, I wonder what Corey is doing right now. I’m guessing he’s masturbating. I HOPE he’s masturbating, it’s why I left when I did. He needed to get it out of his system and there isn’t much privacy when I’m there.

What caused the erection, though? Was it just a random one that teen boys endure all the time? Or was it brought on by me in the shower, then the clothes I put on after? I wore this stuff to screw with him, but didn’t really expect to turn him on. Do I turn my son on and make him horny? The fact that these thoughts are in my head is a little concerning.

But I HAVEN’T been with a guy in years and am sexually frustrated. Is it wrong to just ask myself these kinds of questions about my attractive and seemingly big-dick son? As long as I don’t act on any thoughts, isn’t it harmless ?

Date: June 10, 2022