Fudendo com a Tia no banheiro


Nadinna was struck by the way the question was formed. It was a woman’s question, surprisingly appropriate for a woman to ask when she may be bearing the man’s child. The girl must have had a good mother who spoke to her about such things when she came of age. Balancing her fading resentment for her new position and her own insight into her new king’s blowjob actions and behavior, Mona paused before answering, aware that she was judging him in the very same manner, albeit in a more mature and experienced way.

“In this world of animals and demons, yes my dear, King Levan is a good man.”

The younger brunette woman swept her hair out of her face and pulled the plush blanket closer against the slight chill in the air, her face thoughtful as one hand rested on her lower belly beneath the blanket.

“Good, because I want to have his child. Is that bad?”

Date: August 31, 2022