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Jessie held the purple flower gently as she hopped out of the car and hiked down to one of her favorite spots, a secluded little glade on the very edge of the water that was inaccessible to the  escort girls eye. She had loved to come here with Matt before he went crazy, and even had sex with him a few times here at startube . It was a more poetic spot to re-plant the flower than just throwing it away or planting it in some random garden.

Finally finding herself on level ground, properly tucked away from the world, she knelt down and dug a small hole in the soft earth with one hand, then gently took the footjob flower out of its vase and planted it, scooping soil around it gently. “There you go,” she cooed, stroking its soft petals as she gazed at it. Such a lovely wux thing, yet such a painful reminder of Matt…

Date: September 27, 2022