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My mother said bringing me back to reality. This was her? The chubby housewife from the photo with the domenii web premium big smile? “Hey swweeetie!” The clearly drunk voice coming from the set of tits said to me. I started to look back up toward the direction of the voice as the lady rushed forward with her anvelope arms out ready to embrace me. “Look how you’ve grown…sssooo handsome.”

Aunt Elizabeth said while wrapping her arms around my neck. I bent down to receive her heavenly antrenamente embrace. She kissed me on the cheeks, which is when I noticed how full her lips were avocati . Not cartoonishly so, but definitely bigger than I remember. As she pulled back I took the opportunity to get a full glimpse of her. She definitely wasn’t what I remembered. Instead of a curly brown haired homely looking housewife I expected, standing before cum swallowing me was a seductive vixen.

Date: April 5, 2022
Actors: ava addams